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How do we set clear goals that reflect what we want to achieve to be able to teach all learners?

Theoretically, this is:

“Inclusive teaching builds upon an instructor's basic instinct to ensure all voices are heard and that all students have a chance to participate fully in the learning process, by digging a little deeper into why participation imbalances exist. To develop this complex climate, instructors must practice a mixture of intrapersonal and interpersonal awareness, regular curriculum review, and knowledge of inclusive practices ”.

Read more: Salazar, M., Norton, A., & Tuitt , F. (2009). Weaving promising practices for inclusive excellence into the higher education classroom. In LB Nilson and JE Miller (Eds.) To improve the academy. (pp. 208-226). Jossey-Bass.

Clear goals

The planning of daily work, the evaluation of one's pedagogical activity, identifying one's strengths and weaknesses help to achieve clear goals. The evaluation of one's pedagogical activity provides an opportunity to determine in which areas it is necessary to improve one's professional activity in order to develop and improve the skills and abilities of learners more effectively, according to the individual needs of each. First of all, you need to be aware that there are some difficulties or obstacles that make it difficult to achieve your goals.

Intrapersonal awareness

A good educator must want to regularly improve and supplement his / her knowledge on various issues related to education in order to ensure an effective learning process.

Regular curriculum review

In order to provide inclusive education, the teacher must be knowledgeable in various fields. The needs of the learners are very different, therefore the professional development is determined by the individual needs of the students of the particular class, the manifestations of special needs. If, for example, there is a student in the class with an autism spectrum disorder, the goal will be to learn how to find ways for that student to participate successfully in the learning process. In this regard, the educator will definitely want to increase his / her knowledge of various behavioral issues as well as the possibilities of various support measures.

Interpersonal awareness

The educator must be self-critical about his / her knowledge and have the courage to discover for himself / herself that there are issues / topics in proffessional learning that need to be improved.