Diversity, expressed in images of coffee and tea

Dear colleagues,

Hereby the Dutch team proudly presents the program of the Multiplier Event, held at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht, the Netherlands on the 15th of February 2023:

Inclusive education, what else?

With the title and the image, we make a clear nod to George Clooney and we honour the theme of our symposium: diversity in the broadest sense and inclusive education.
The event will be held live in Utrecht, at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Padualaan 101. After the event, we will share a video recording taken of the event but it will not be streamed on the day itself.

You are welcome at 14:30 for coffee and tea. We start at 15:00 with our program.

At 18:00 you are kindly invited to attend our reception. The program is as follows:

1. Warm welcome by the organisers: Hanne Touw, Peter de Vries and Sofie Sergeant, all colleagues at the HU, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands (10 min).

2. Chris de Bruin, MSci, Teacher (-trainer) and creator of The Study Support Room @HU, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands. Musical intermezzos & Introduction on the project The Study Living Room @HU.

3. Prof. Dr. Geert Van Hove (30 min), Professor at Ghent University in Disability Studies and Inclusive Education, Belgium. Lecture: Inclusive Education from a Disability Studies perspective.

4. Ian Potter, MSci (30 min), Chief Executive of the Gosport and Fareham Multi-Academy Trust, Hampshire, United Kingdom. Performance in which theory and practice meets: How can we build inclusive schools through social justice leadership?


5. Dr. Sofie Sergeant (15 min), Senior lecturer and researcher in citizenship and inclusion, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, the Netherlands. Pictures and stories from the ‘Proud to teach all project: Call for Revolution towards good education for all.

6. Dr. Jantien Smit (30 min), Professor within the Research group Multilingualism and Education, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Lecture: A multilingual approach as a gateway to participation in education.

7. Marijke Wilssens, MSci (15 min), Senior lecturer and researcher at the Department of Special Educational Needs and Remedial Teaching, Artevelde University of Applied Sciences Ghent, Belgium. Overview: Proud to teach all – Erasmus+ Project – What have we learned and created during the project, and what can you find on our Proud-Website?

Register here for the symposium, for the reception and please let us know if you need any support to be able to fully enjoy the event.

May this Christmas season bring happiness and unity to you and your loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to see you in Utrecht!

Invitation in full colour