Second Proud to Teach All training for school coaches took place from October 11 until October 13, 2022, in Porto. The three-day coaching sessions in collaboration with two local schools were full of discussions, impressions, and learning.

There was a possibility for 12 coaches from Latvia, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, and United Kingdom to meet and discuss successes and difficulties to reach personal goals in the PLC -using inspiration for an inclusive pedagogy and interprofessional collaboration. Coaches together with the project team worked on dilemmas they face in their everyday work.

In the training session on coaching and feedback skills, challenging exclusionary beliefs and assumptions, coaches worked on 7 coaching skills, practiced appreciation, and thought about the ways to make a certain criticism. The main advice – make it small and concrete.

From the research point of view, the project team introduced an improved topic: advocating for an inclusive school policy: overcoming barriers, and exploiting supporting conditions.

In further action planning –options for sharing our inclusive learning process with the wider school team, learners, parents, and local community part, coaches together with the project team worked in groups to discuss the backbone structure of PLC. The “Mapping the social networking” activity helped to visualize support persons around coaches.

School visits inspired coaches by proud teachers and school principals.

Everything is possible! Be ProuD of your small and big successes!