The purpose of ‘ProuD’ is to contribute to building inclusive school systems which respond to the challenges of the 21st century by serving diverse learners with a range of backgrounds, interests, and learning differences. It is doing this through developing professional learning communities (PLCs) around schools in five European countries (Belgium, Latvia, Portugal, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom). Within these PLCs, teachers and other professionals are engaging in collaborative problem-solving relating to diversity and inclusive pedagogy and developing collaborative skills through coaching. These experiences are shared with other schools and local partners through this website and an event in each country in 2022-2023.

The project is playing an important role in enabling teachers and other educators from across Europe, to become more responsive to the uniqueness of each class and learner they encounter. Through ‘ProuD’, they are being granted a greater sense of professionalism, professional identity, and “pride” in their role.

‘ProuD’ has four goals which serve to enhance teacher professionalism towards inclusion and greater “pride for all”: investigate professional development strategies that are effective, feasible and replicable to make teachers eager to learn to teach all learners; devise an accessible online inspiration centre that engages teachers to use evidence-based resources so that they feel able to teach all learners; strengthen teachers’ interprofessional collaboration skills in inclusive networks within, between and beyond schools so that they feel stronger to teach all learners; enhance the coaching skills of experienced teachers, school leaders and other senior educational professionals to enable them to lead professional learning communities or PLCs that are #ProuD to Teach All Learners.