Proud to Teach All training for school coaches took place between June 7 – June 9, 2022, in Liepaja. Liepaja University organized the three-day coaching sessions in collaboration with two local schools – Oscars Kalpaks Liepaja Secondary School No. 15 and Liepāja Līvupe Elementary School – Development Centre. Additionally, on the final day, coaches were invited to the Education Development and Methodological Support Centre, which is part of the Education Government of Liepaja. The training sessions are intended to share experiences, practices, and feedback skills with peer coaches to promote an inclusive learning environment and develop pedagogic practices and policies in the community.

Liepaja University (LiepU), as a part of the local education network, are orientated towards openness to new and innovative education tendencies. We are encouraging the integration of the European Common Educational Area and regional, socio-political, and economic changes in the local education system. Furthermore, providing scientists' cooperation of different educational science subsectors and the development of scientific qualifications.

Oscars Kalpaks Liepaja Secondary School No. 15 school coach Dace Liepa is simultaneously very interested, excited, and concerned. "First time taking part in such an international project, have a little worried about English communication skill and what contribution I will be able to bring to other project participants. I liked Tracy Edwards' expression:" that each child in our class is our responsibility". It completely lines with my belief that when I am dealing with any student, my aim is to provide the best teaching experience possible. In our school studies, in total, 946 learners. The curriculums are implemented for diverse students' learning needs at the primary and elementary education stages. Educational programs are also provided for children with learning disabilities or mental developmental disabilities. The opportunity to be with like-minded, highly qualified professionals and receive valuable knowledge that I will share at school is my primary motivator to be part of this project".

The school coach Līga Jansone from Liepāja Līvupe Elementary School – Development Centre shares their positive experience:" There aren't PLCs in Latvia, but it is a very good thing, I think. It's very interesting to hear the experience of teachers from other countries about an inclusive learning process for all learners. We have three buildings for the educational process. Our school study has two hundred fifty learners with intellectual disabilities from three up to twenty years old. Learners from 5th grade acquire practical skills in specially equipped classrooms. They receive a primary education at school, and then the learners can study the cook assistant or carpenter's assistant profession. Our school is one of 12 (twelve) schools in Latvia that has the status of a development centre. School teachers provide free consultations to learners from other schools with learning difficulties and their parents to promote inclusive education. School specialists (speech therapist, special education teacher, psychologist, social pedagogue) provide consultations for teachers from other schools about learners, which is challenging to incorporate in the learning process".