Hannah Boonen and Els Teijsen both work in the Inclusive Society Expertise Centre at UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL) in Belgium. Inclusive Society builds relevant and scientific knowledge on inclusion, participation and diversity in all domains of society, including education. Throughout the various content topics, we pay special attention to exclusion mechanisms. We move on a continuum from special target groups to the universal design "for all". Characteristic of our centre is the further development of a participatory and empowering research methodology. Knowledge and experience is built up by blending diverse professional competencies within the centre and by cooperating with a broad network of partners. The ProuD project fits perfect in the aims and scope of our centre.

In the ProuD-project, we are involved in the development of the guide for coaches and the professional development package. Moreover, we monitor the quality of the project together with the project coordinator and the Portuguese and Dutch team. We do this by regular project health checks, a survey at the end of the training modules and Advisory Board meetings. The Advisory Board consists of two or three members of each of the participating countries. The members are representatives of different stakeholder groups: parent advocacy organizations, head teachers and educating professionals in school communities at both primary and secondary level, a member of the school inspection with experience in developing inclusive competencies and several university professors and associate professors. The Advisory Board helps us to process the monitoring of the project from a meta perspective.

In order to monitor the quality of the project, it is important to stay in touch with the collaborating schools. In this respect, we received the feedback from our ProuD-schools that it is not so obvious to plan regular meetings with their PLC due to a very busy Covid period and a dine teacher shortage. A backbone structure would be helpful in the planning of professional learning activities and to see the coherence between the outputs we developed in the project. This month, we discussed our ideas for a backbone structure in the transnational partner meeting that took place in Ghent. A first draft was made on the whiteboard in our meeting room, the output will soon be online in the professional learning package.